Wentworth Season 6 Episodes, Cast, And Netflix Release Date

Wentworth Season 6 episode

Wentworth is the perfect combination of Orange is the New Black and Prison Break, it is currently one of the most popular Australian Drama on the internet. Wentworth Season 6 is currently on air, two episodes have already aired, and the third episode will air on 3rd July 2018. In today’s post, we will be taking a look at Wentworth Season 6 episode schedules, cast, and Netflix release date details.

Wentworth Season 6 premiered on June 19, 2018, and Season 6 is currently still on-air, we are getting new episodes every week. The season six will consist of a total of 12 episodes, like its previous installments. We have added the episode schedule and we do have a rough guess on the Wentworth 6 release date on Netflix and it might just be true.

Wentworth Season 6 netflix release date

Wentworth Season 6 Schedule

1. “Clean Slate”, Air Date— 19th June 2018
2. “The Boxer”, Air Date— 26th June 2018
3. “Bleed Out”, Air Date— 3rd July 2018
4. “Winter Is Here”, Air Date— 10th July 2018
5. To Be Announced, Air Date— 17th July 2018
6. To Be Announced, Air Date— 24th July 2018
7. To Be Announced, Air Date— 31st July 2018
8. To Be Announced, Air Date— 7th August 2018
9. To Be Announced, Air Date— 14th August 2018
10. To Be Announced, Air Date— 21st August 2018
11. To Be Announced, Air Date— 28th August 2018
12. To Be Announced, Air Date— 4th September 2018

If our calculations are right, then Wentworth Season 6 will release on Netflix on September 5, 2018, the reason I’m saying this is because, last year, Wentworth Season 5 finale aired on June 20, 2018, and a day after, on June 21, 2018, season 5 was released on Netflix.

Wentworth Season 6 Cast

Nicole da Silva as Franky Doyle
Leah Purcell as Rita Connors
Kate Atkinson as Vera Bennett
Sigrid Thornton as Sonia Stevens
Celia Ireland as Liz Birdsworth
Katrina Milosevic as Boomer
Robbie Magasiva as Will Jackson
Tammy MacIntosh as Kaz Proctor
Kate Jenkinson as Allie Novak
Bernard Curry as Jake Stewart
Rarriwuy Hick as Ruby Mitchell
Susie Porter as Marie Winter.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for updates on Wentworth Season 6.