Tony Lopez


Tony Lopez, a part of the Lopez duo, is one of the most followed stars on TikTok. 

The 20-year-old has 17 million followers on the social platform and he and his brother  dancing skills receive massive attention from their followers.

It is known that he is not single and is currently dating somone.

Last year he came into a relationship with a fellow tiktok star, Sarah Jade Bleau.

Their relationship grasped attention when Tony commented on Sarah's video.

It could have been some time they had been in a relationship as their comments could get seen on various videos.

Tony even made a video for their meeting wherein one can hear and see the star’s excitement.

the Tiktok Star, got linked with Nikkita Dragun and Sofi Dossi before coming into a relationship with Sarah.

But Tony had made it clear that he is single and not dating anyone for now via tweet.