Christina Najjar a.k.a. @itsmetinx. is a creator on TikTok known for her blunt dating advice, celebrity commentary, and creating “starter packs,” which are like short guides, for rich moms. She references niche topics like SoulCycle instructors and specific high-end restaurants.

Tinx, aka Christina Najjar, dating remains secret as she believes that it can be super overwhelming when people say just follow your passion.

While the TikTok star has been guiding her followers to the right path, her dating status remains unknown. 

However, it might just be a prank as well. She did confess in one of her fun videos that she likes Post Malone!

Najjar does not hold back when it comes to her personal life! From failed romance with a friend to how to navigate dating, open discussions about mental health, body image issues, and more.

she takes up some of her own personal experiences. She even had more open discussions about Botox and admitted that she got one on her forehead

She has been open about her skin routine, Botox use, and, not to forget, fans love her hilarious video uploads.

Thanks to her impressive social media presence, Kim Kardashian recently send her chocolate smash box to the influencer.

If you haven’t already checked her account, it is very much recommended.