Madelyn Cline


Madelyn Cline is a famous American television star. The 23 years old actress has been in the industry for a few years.

The role of Sarah Cameron in in the Netflix teen drama “Outer Banks” has made her one of the best young actresses of the time.

Cline’s fan following touched the skies as Sarah Cameron. Since then, her life and career have been watched by her fans.

Obviously, that also includes even her dating life!

According to insiders, the Outer Banks star is dating a mystery man. This has led to a storm on the internet.

So who is this mysterious man???

There were speculations about Madelyn dating her co-star Chase Stokes. This speculation alone was enough to create chaos online!

Recently, the Actress revealed the secret out!  To our surprise, he is none other than Chase Stokes!

Their off screen chemistry would make their on screen romance worth watching!