Jay Cutler


Jay Cutler an American professional Body builder and a four time winner of Mr. Olympia

He started his journey by first wining the 1993 Iron bodies Invitational

Jay is also featured on the cover of fitness magazines such as Muscle and Fitness, Flex, And Muscular Development.

Jay is now retired from the field and now only focuses on his bodybuilding supplement business

Cutler was married to Julie Cutler, but the two got separated years ago due to some reasons

Later on, he also married Kerry Cutler, but even they got a Divorce 

According to the sources, Jay is now engaged with Angie Feliciano

They two share a common interest in bodybuilding, and this is also the reason for the strong bond between them

It is expected that the couple may get married soon. The fans are eager to see then tying a knot!