Gervonta Davis is an American professional boxer. He has held multiple championships in three weight classes, including the WBA lightweight title since 2019.

He is one of the celebrities who keeps his life completely private and does not speak about it.

There is a high probability that Davis has been atleast in one relationship. The name of the girl is not be known.

There were rumors flying around that Meek Mill’s girlfriend Nessa had finally left him and moved on with Davis.

Nessa cheered Davis in almost all his matches and used to frequently be with him.

However this rumors are not confirmed. It is said to be that Nessa is the only girl he dated so far but the truth about this scenario is completely unknown.

As of now, it is believed that Davis is single. There have been no public announcements or any public reports about his love life.

Every media claims he is single and lately he has been tangled into a lot of legal matters.

Almost every year, he gets involved in court matters. Maybe once all of this gets over, he shall let love into his life, But for now, he is totally single.