Devin Armani Booker is an American professional basketball player for the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association.

Devin, the young basketball athlete came under huge spotlight for a specific reason, which has blown people's mind.

Kendall Jenner has gone public with her relationship for one of the first times ever as the super secretive model doesn't usually reveal about her love life.

Devin has posted a series of adorable photos of them celebrating Valentines Day. They  have been together for quite some time now, we just missed the signs

After the two were spotted on numerous occasions, the supermodel and popular Kardashian-Jenner took to social media to confirm the relationship.

Initially, it was claimed that the relationship is purely platonic. The two have a lot of mutual friends, and that’s how they met each other.

Later , it was reported that the two are not serious and are just in a casual relationship. However, with time the two were spotted on dinner dates.

Devin shared some pics of his own, including one of him and Kendall lounging on a blanket with his dog, Haven. He also shared a video, which featured Kendall playing with the pup.

It has almost been a year, and sources claim that the couple are really laid back while maintaining a low profile relationship where it is all about staying in and laughing together.