What Will Happen To Amber Heard if Johnny Depp Wins the trial?

Depp's and heard’s lawyers will give their closing  speeches on May 27th.

After which a jury would decide the verdict for the ongoing defamation trial.

The trial revealed many disturbing and shocking things in the Virginia Fairfax county.

People have wondered what would happen to the estranged couple after the trial.

Since Depp had filed the suit for 50 m usd and heard counter sued him for 100 m usd,

There will be some damages or no damages awarded by the jury.

A spokesperson clarified how in matters of civil cases such as this one,

the jury can decide to or not award damages If either heard or Depp is found guilty

The spokesperson shares how whatever happens, the trial will have a chilling effect.

As it will encourage victims of abuse to keep quiet if Heard loses,

or encourage people to spread false accusations about a person if Depp loses.



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