by rakshita

Ways in Which Iron Man Was Right in Civil War 

Civil War directed by the Russo brothers saw Captain America and Iron Man on two different sides..

However, Marvel has hinted that billionaire Tony Stark has been right in multiple instances, throughout. 

In what sense was stark always right


The current state of the Avengers is one of the main ways in which Stark was right. 

The events in Avengers: Endgame were intuitively approaching to Tony and he was vocal about it in multiple previous movies!

In Avengers Endgame he mentions Captain America being selfish and not supporting the greater good...

This builds segue into how he was right in signing the Sokovia Accords, so he could bind all the fighters together. 

The Phase 4 heroes being in jeopardy was another reason Tony was right in signing the Accords. 

With the snowball effect in standalone phase 4 movies, he was looking out for the future characters as well. 

thus right after all, as Iron Man in the movie, favoring the acts that push for the safety of the 'greater good.'

Tony Stark was