Valorant's Fade Abilities and Power Explained


Lined Circle
Lined Circle

Valorant released Patch 4.08 on April 27, 2022 featuring...

A new agent Fade.

Lined Circle

She knows everyone's deepest fear and uses it against them.

Lined Circle

Fade has a very interesting set of abilities which are...

Lined Circle

Fires an orb that drops to the ground after 1.5 seconds, revealing enemies.


It also makes the affected enemy's trail visible for 12 seconds.

Lined Circle

Fires a Prowler in a straight line that follows and nearsights any enemy that is detected.


This ability can be held to control the prowler.

Lined Circle

Fires an orb that drops on the ground and traps the enemy within it's radius.


The enemy cannot escape through normal means.

Send out a huge wave that trails, deafens and decays affected enemies.

Nightfall (Ultimate)


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