Tom Hiddleston Offers Hint on Loki's Season 2 

loki, as tom Hiddleston, was initially introduced to us as villain in mcu

but, he became a full fledged hero in THor Ragnarok

when tom was recently interviewed by Total Film, he gave away a few hints

he hinted that the season 2 of loki is going to be 'turbulent' and 'chaotic'

when asked about loki season 2, tom hiddleston told that...

Lots Of Questions Will Be Answered In Loki Season 2


when he was asked about updates regarding loki season 2, he said...

Absolutely. We’re in it already. I mean, we’re not filming, but we’re in prep, but we start in like six weeks or something. So, we’re in full steam ahead in terms of a script and story and it’s really exciting. 


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