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'The Chosen One' Production Company's Response To The Crash

The World is mourning for the two actors who died in the...

credits: The Chosen One /Google

Car Accident

The production for 'The Chosen One' has been temporarily stopped and...

a statement has been issued

Recently, the production company, Redrum, said in their statement...

- Redrum


All of us on the production of The Chosen One are shocked by the tragic accident that occurred last Thursday, while on transit from Santa Rosalía, Baja California, to the local airport

- Redrum


We are deeply saddened by the passing of our colleagues Ray Garduño and Juan Francisco González and are closely supporting all those affected by this unspeakable tragedy.

Finally, calling it an unfortunate incident, they confirmed...

- Redrum


Redrum has been cooperating with local authorities and initial reports and accounts from witnesses indicate that all safety protocols were in place and this was an unfortunate accident.