See Kelly Clarkson's Rare Comment About her Divorce

Kelly Clarkson is known to keep things real on her Emmy-Winning talk show ...

The Kelly Clarkson Show



Kelly reached a massive final settlement from her divorce to Brandon Blackstock, where she paid $1 million. 

On the latest  episode of her talk show, Kelly Invited The Chicks to promote their new album ...


which was inspired by a group of divorced people

"I guess from an artist's point of view, how hard is it, asking for a friend, while I'm currently writing through a similar situation is how hard is that to write so openly and so honest while navigating children,"

Kelly Clarkson

Natalie Maines responded to Kelly that she wanted their album to be candid when it came to talking about divorces or past relationships.

Okay, so we all went through divorces. And how did you find strength? And not just music. I think it's therapeutic, but like your female friendships. I feel like that has really helped me,"

Kelly Clarkson

The trio agreed that they were able to bond from their marital trouble while recording the Gaslighter.'

When Kelly's talk show season 2 premieres, she admits to her fans that she had a rough month,  saying ...

What I am dealing with is hard because it involves more than just my heart. We have four kids, and divorce is never easy. we know the best thing here is to protect our children and their little hearts.”

Kelly Clarkson



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