See Kardashian-Jenners Gothic Glam Outfits for Kourtney And Travis Wedding


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Kardashian And Jenners showed off their iconic gothic fashion style as they attended the wedding of ...

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

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These are the photos of Kardashian AND JennerS on Kourtney and Travis's Wedding Day.

Kris Jenner WAS WEARING a black dress.

Kylie Jenner Kept her look in a Gothic-chic theme, in a fitted black mini dress. 

Khloe WAS sporting a body-hugging outfit. She WAS wearing a sultry leopard-print GOWN.

Kendall looked gorgeous as she walked with boyfriend Devin Brooker wearing a corset top and gothic-inspired SKIRT.

Kim kept her monochromatic look as she stunNED in a soft black two-piece ensemble.

Kourtney WAS ROCKING A red bodysuit as she walkED with THE groom, Travis.


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