Real Reason Why Amber Heard Is 'Terrified' Of Johnny Depp

In a Friday NBC "Dateline" interview with "Today" anchor Savannah Guthrie, Heard said she was "terrified" that Depp could sue her.

Amber Heard said she's nervous about what she can publicly say



after a Virginia jury found her liable for defaming her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

I took for granted what I assumed was my right to speak. I'm scared that no matter what I do or what I say or how I say it — every step that I take will...

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present another opportunity for this sort of silencing, which is what, I guess, a defamation lawsuit is meant to do — to take your voice,"

amber heard

The full meeting with Guthrie was broadcasted at 8 p.m. after different teasers were dropped consistently.

Heard had smeared her ex with the abuse allegations, she said she stands by “every word” of her testimony.

Heard doubled down on the allegations that Depp abused during their marriage.

Furthermore, gruffly blamed him for lying after he over and over denied her cases.

She suggested Johnny Depp’s former partners are too afraid to admit he was abusive.

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