new amsterdam is ending

It's been announced that the fifth season of New Amsterdam will premiere in 2022-2023.  

In January 2020, it was renewed for its third, fourth, and fifth season

Lisa Katz (President of scripted programming) said that "Max Goodwin's tale has been inspiring, as his never-ending commitment to patients at New Amsterdam."

We are extremely grateful to David Schulner, as well as our cast and crew, for their amazing dedication and talent. She added 

Over the last four seasons, we've tackled important and interesting stories that touched on the human condition while making us laugh and giving hope.

This announcement comes after 15 episodes of the fourth season have already aired. and only seven episodes are remaining.

In the show's final season, we feel Max will have to make more than one decision regarding his future.

With the remaining episodes in the series, he may have to make significant changes in how he lives his life and how much he tries to do.