Fans Have Been Waiting for  Money Heist's new season for a while.

Money heist have started with a good idea and with an excellent plot. The writer and producers have done an outstanding job by bringing in so much suspense and thrill.

The season 3 ended with  Nairobi getting shot and Rio firing a missile on one of the police’s aromored cars. Even though season 4 story was not straight forward it ended with a great thrill.

There has been a lot of progress in the story so far, with Nairobi's recovery and later getting killed by Gandia . Gandia getting free and creating a lot of chaos . The story starts making more progress after Lisbon being free.

Money Heist's new trailer will be dropping on August 2, Monday. This is the final season of this crazy show. Besides this a 21 second teaser was released were the Professor is chained and in the hands of inspector Alicia Sierra.

Netflix has announced that the original series will be premiered on September 3 with a split of two volumes. Volume 2 will be aired on December 3.

RELEASE DATE  Sept 3, 2021