Loki returns for the second season

according to the head writer of Loki and dr strange 2 Micheal Waldron.

season 2 will see Loki diving further into the multiverse.

The writer revealed how Loki season 2 opens a new door into the vast multiverse,

where Loki and the TVA will be handling the multiverse in an unprecedented way.

Waldron shares, that with season 2 fans will get to see a new emotional side of Loki.

Troubled with the emotional impact of Sylvie’s betrayal and the consequences of her action,

and With the imminent threat of a full-scale multiversal war,

the writer Micheal Waldron promises fans will not be let down.

Loki season 2 will be directed by the directors of moonknight.

with Production begining in six weeks in June in london.



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