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Logan Paul's Emotional Words on Dwayne The Rock Johnson Situation

Paul's infamous incident in 2018 that almost ended his career also...

credits: Logan Paul /Google

Ended some of his friendships

During an appearance on a podcast recently, Logan talked about how he was once friends with...

credits: Logan Paul /Google

Dwayne Johnson

After the incident, he got a call from a publicist saying...

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- Publicist


‘Hey Dwayne’s asked that you remove every picture and video that you’ve done with him. Maybe in the future the relationship can be reconciled but for now he basically wants nothing to do with you.’

Being regretful about this incident, Logan went on to say...

- Logan Paul


I get it. You know, I made a grotesque error and he has had things happen in his life where like a lot of people that incident affected him in a personal way. So I understood it...