by rakshita

Logan Lerman Opens On His Role in Disney+ Percy Jackson 

Percy Jackson was the Greek fictional legend, written by Rick Riordan, who Logan Lerman played, two times on the big screen!

With a Disney+ expansion hitting TV screen around the same character based off of the fantasy novels, Logan speaks about it!

Is the star returning to the series


On the red carpet to his upcoming movie Bullet Train, the actor expressed that..

He is very excited to see what the creators and writer-directors will do with the casting and the story extending the universe!

When asked if he would make an appearance in the series...

“It’s an interesting question because, could you? Sure. But, I’m not. I’m not,"  He said. 

Audiences do have expectations for the series, but the actor asks fans to anticipate it and expressed his excitement as well!

is to be called 'Percy Jackson And The Olympians'  and is set to debut in 2024!

The series