Cumberbatch confirms the existence of the iron strange cut

the actor  recently shared his disappointment of missing out on the Iron Strange cut.

The actor and Robert Downey jr EVEN tried to convince the writers by swapping their costumes.

The writers said how the initial storyboard had an idea for the iron strange.

where tony stark would send his iron man MARk 50 suit around dr strange.

with the eye of agamotto powering the suit and the cloak of levitation going to tony.

Leading to an amazing fight sequence with ebony maw.

The writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely share how this idea,

Was too long and was difficult to keep in the final cut for infinity war.

Dr. Strange 2 also tried to include an iron man variant played by tom cruise.

Both these great  ideas never came to the be, leaving fans to wonder what if?



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