Fans Have Been Waiting for  HighSchool DXD New Season For Awhile

High School DxD S4 was yet another hit, despite the change of studio and its art. Season 4 is where the anime has started adapting to its true nature and has started leaving the lewd scenes out.

Issei gains the Cardinal Crimson Promotion form and defeats Sairaorg. They have a massive battle which is later referred to as the ‘best battle’ ever. A fistfight between Issei and Sairaorg.

The anime concluded cleanly as we could only empathize with Sairaorg in the end and not hate him. Moreover, we get to see a warmer softer side of all the characters, including Risa.

Fans are waiting restlessly for the fifth season of the anime. Fans who were complaining about the art style in season 4 have concluded that they no longer care about the art style as long as they get a new season.

Sadly, no official announcement has been made regarding the release of season 5 of High School DxD. So far, no information regarding the release date, official cast, or trailer has been released.