by rakshita

Daredevil Teased by The Creators of She-Hulk 

Marvel fans are very elated about the new movie She-Hulk: Attorney At Law but are even more excited for...

Matt Murdock aka Daredevil's return!

Tatiana Maslany who is playing the iconic She-Hulk asks fans to anticipate his character..

teased in the trailer!

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In the panel during San Diego Comic Con, when asked about Daredevil..

The actress said she couldn't reveal much but she assured that fans would be overjoyed. 

"I don't want to say anything. I just want to say that it was-- I think the fans will be really happy. Because he's amazing. He's really amazing."  She said

The movie is set to see Charlie Cox as Daredevil in a new yellow and red suit and it looks like he will be sweeping the crowd!

cameo in the latest Spider-Man, fans are excited to see his return to the MCU. 

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