Chicago PD Season 9

NBC has finally announced the renewal of Chicago PD. The studio has confirmed the show is approved for more three seasons

Chicago PD was approved for three additional seasons  from which Season 8 just ended with a banger finale episode on 26th May, 2021

Now fans await for Chicago PD Season 9 as the episode 'The Other Side' was the best finale as per fans. With season 8 ending with cliffhanger. You should be ready for more

No official announcement has been made regarding the season premieres of One Chicago, but based on recent history we have a pretty good idea of when to expect new episodes. Seasons 2-7 of Chicago P.D. premiered in September on NBC

While Chicago Fire also had September premiere dates during three of the last four years. Chicago Med also premiered in September in two of the last three seasons. The pandemic severely altered production schedules this season.

Release Date Late September

Are You Excited to Watch Chicago PD Season 9?