Amber Heard's Private Investigator has 3 Words for Johnny Depp

amber heard hired a  former adult star, paul Barresi as her private investigator

in the hopes to find some incriminating evidence against johnny Depp.

the private investigator  shared he was  unable to find anything against johnny Depp.

after conducting over 100 interviews with johnny Depps various friends or acquaintances,

the investigator found no evidence of johnny Depp abusing a woman.

he further added the 3 words that he has for johnny depp are ...

he's like an angel

he claims he has interviewed people who have been with johnny depp for over 3 decades

and not one spoke anything bad about johnny Depp and are insanely loyal to him.

the private investigator shares that the only negative thing was,

johnny Depp's group of friends are disgusting and strange.



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