Titan Shifters


Attack on titan

jaw titan


1. Ymir

She was a graduate of the 104th training corps. She was so intelligent and had a vast amount of knowledge about the true nature of titans and whats the history of the world outside the walls.


ymir's jaw titan

2. Porco galliard

Porco is an eldian from the outside world. He is a soldier from Marley's Army and was the one who inherited the jaw titan from Ymir.


porco's jaw titan

cart titan


 pieck finger

She is an Eldian and is a member of Marley's army who inherited the Cart Titan, She has shown to be sweet and kind hearted. 

female titan


annie leonhart

She is a graduate from 104th Train Corps, She is also an eldian from Marley and was sent on a Mission to retrieve the founding titan. She is a good fighter and a great sword wielder.

armored titan


Reiner braun

He is a soldier of Marley who was sent to retrieve the founding titan among with Annie and 2 others. He was ranked 2nd in the rankings of 104th Training Corps. And is known to be quiet and meek yet very loyal.

attack titan


1. Eren Kruger

He was an eldian spy posing as an Marleyan soldier. He was the one who passed Attack Titan to Grisha yeager. He was known to be very quiet and a stoic individual who had no emotions.

kruger's attack titan

2. grisha yeager

He was an eldian doctor who's from marley and later was sent to the Paradis island for his execution where he inherited the attack titan from Kruger. He was known to be very calm and calculated.


grisha's attack titan

3. Eren yeager

He was a former member of Survey Corps. He lived in Shiganshina district until the fall of wall Maria where he witnessed the murder of his mother and hence he sworn to wipe all titans off the face of the Earth.

eren's attack titan

colossus titan


1. bertolt hoover

He was an eldian and a member of the Marley's army. He possessed the ability to transform into colossal titan. He with Reiner and Annie breached Wall Maria for acquiring the Founding Titan.

bertolt's colossus titan

2. armin arlert

Armin is a childhood friend of Eren Yeager. Although he appears to be among the physically weakest of the 104th Training Corps, his intelligence and strategic genius makes him an invaluable asset for Survey Corps.


armin's colossus titan

beast titan


zeke yeager

He was the first child of Grisha Yeager and half brother of Eren Yeager, who later inherited the power of Beast Titan.  Also, He was the former captain of Marley's Warrior unit.


warhammer titan


lara tybur

Her possession of War hammer titan was kept secret. Upon inheriting the memories of her predecessors, she shared her knowledge with her brother Willy and followed the orders of Marley.