We Own This City Season 1 Episode 3 picks up right after the time the system had already begun corrupting Jenkins. Last time around on the show, we went back in time when Jenkins was new to Baltimore Police Department. Fresh off the academy, Jenkins was unlike what he is now. But it was the system Baltimore has been following for years that turned him around. It saw him ditching what he learned at the academy to make as many arrests as he could.

This corrupt system of the Baltimore Police Department has existed for years. It has been passed on from one cop to another. The third episode of We Own This City sheds light on how the Department has managed to save cops like Jenkins despite them making the biggest mistakes. At the same time, a look into the likes of Suiter, who were against these ways. So let’s dive in and take a deeper look into all the events the third episode of We Own This City presented to us.

We Own This City S01E03 Recap

We Own This City Season 1 Episode 3 sees Tom Allers being brought to questioning. This also takes us back to the time Hersl had started becoming huge trouble for the cops. But the department, instead of supporting the citizens, tried protecting their cops. This saw Hersl’s transfer to Gun Trace Task Force which will only allow him to use his brutal ways further.

Events From We Own This City Season 1 Episode 3
From We Own This City Season 1 Episode 3

As a member of the Gun Trace Task Force, Hersl accompanied Allers on a raid at the house of a man named Davon Robinson. The team managed to find two guns while Allers came across some money which he kept for himself. The stealing of the same money later resulted in the death of Robinson when he couldn’t give it back to his supplier.

We continue to learn about Jenkins’s story. Last time on the show, the system had just begun corrupting him. This time around, he had started going all out on citizens but was also making mistakes. Once again, the department backed him up on his mistakes, teaching him how to use his brutal ways and file a report that would justify his ways.

Amidst these flashbacks, we also learn how Suiter and Jenkins once worked together. Jenkins had given him a share of their bust, and Suiter hesitated a little about the same. Jenkins, on his side, had a hard time trusting Suiter a little even though he had all the skills required.

How Did We Own This City Season 1 Episode 3 End?
From We Own This City Season 1 Episode 3

In the present, Suiter found himself investigating a homicide case with Officer Jaquan Dixon. Suiter found it hard communicating with the residents around the murder as they didn’t believe in the cops. In the end, he managed to prove that he wasn’t like one of them by bringing the culprit in.

Apart from all of this, we continued to see Nicole Steele’s efforts to learn more about police brutality by connecting with activists such as Tariq Torue. Meanwhile, the FBI found Rayam, Gondo, Hersl, and Allers all in one place, making arrests in their own brutal ways.

We Own This City Season 1 Episode 3 Review

We Own This City Season 1 Episode 3 continues to tell the story of Jenkins on the side while an investigation into the cops of Baltimore continues. This time around, we also learn about Hersl’s story. The story of how he found his place among the members of the Gun Trace Task Force. We never really learn from where Hersl learned to be brutal, but the show tells us that he was already working this way before joining the GTTF.

The episode takes a back seat to Nicole Steele’s storyline of hunting down the way the department works but sheds light on Suiter and his past of working with Jenkins. A past that has heavily affected his future where the community has completely lost their trust in cops. Thus leading to Suiter having a hard time cracking a case down.

Our Thoughts On We Own This City Season 1 Episode 3
From We Own This City Season 1 Episode 3

Apart from all of this, Jenkins’s story also told us how making mistakes was never a problem for the cops in Baltimore. It turns out they were supportive of any way cops opted to, only as long as they managed to make the most number of arrests. We saw them teaching the likes of Jenkins how to craft a report that would justify their brutal ways.

Lastly, the show sees the FBI coming closer to cracking down and finding evidence of the way cops in Baltimore work to justify bringing them in. This time around, they observed a number of corrupt cops making arrests out on the streets and making that extra profit for themselves.

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