We Never Learn Premiere: Our Verdict

We Never Learn is originally a shonen manga written and drawn by Taishi Tsutsui. This manga was launched in 2017. It is being released in Weekly Shonen Jump and is licensed by Viz Media. The genre of this manga is romance. This manga has released thus far about 11 volumes. The manga has been pretty popular in recent times and it seems that is why it has now also got an anime adaptation.

The anime is being directed by Yoshiaki Iwasaki and is being licensed by Aniplex of America. The first episode of anime is out and it was pretty interesting, to say the least. The main character of the story is Nariyuki Yuiga who has been assigned to teach a couple of genius students. The problem with these students if they are excellent in one subject and very bad in others.

So, Nariyuki Yuiga is trying to help them improve their bad subjects so that they could go to university. The two students he is teaching thus far in episode 1 are Fumino Furuhashi and Rizu Ogata. The first episode was a good one and it covered the first two manga chapters. Now, the second episode is coming out in a couple of days which will cover chapters 3, 4 and 5. In this episode, we’ll get to see Nariyuki will invite his students at his place to study as he has to take care of his siblings.

His siblings are going to go all crazy and ask them which of them is his girlfriend. Then his mother and another sister will arrive home and they will say that the girls are the first ones that Nariyuki has brought home which will make them blush.

we never learn Episode 1

This will somehow improve the grades of the girls and the headmaster will assign yet another student to Nariyuki to teach. This one is good at sports but dumb in studies.

Her name is Takemoto Uruka, Nariyuki knows her from his childhood days and she’s pretty as well. Nonetheless, from the next episode, he’ll have three girls to teach and eventually all three of them are going to develop different romantic feelings for their young teacher. Making Nariyuki uncomfortable more and more. So, the anime has a pretty romantic storyline.

The director and animation did seem nice in the first episode and sounds were not bad as well. Overall I think it is a watchable series. If you guys are into the romantic genre then you will certainly enjoy this new anime series if not then you won’t like it as simple as that.

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