Power Season 5 Episode 10 – Season Finale Update

Power Season 5 Finale-Episode 10(When This Is Over)

A lot of people are excited about the fifth season’s finale of the Starz network original series “Power” which revolves the trials and tribulations of murderous, psychotic, brutish, and devilishly inventive James St. Patrick, also known as Ghost. Who tries to leave behind his hustling, drug dealing, blood-soaked criminal life and launder his money and reputation into the nightclub business. Think Carlito’s Way and throw in some hip-hop and there you have it.

After a leak that showed a critical turning point in the series much was expected, we don’t know if Starz is conducting a criminal or internal investigation, and we’re not going to touch that subject in this post. We folks here at OtakuKart like to keep things clean and if spoilers are necessary so be it, but we are not going to indulge in the divulgation of illegally obtained and procured audiovisual material.

Power Season 5 Finale – Episode 10(When This Is Over)

Power Season 5 Finale-Episode 10 Release Date is set on 9th September 2018, but we already know our troubled protagonist Ghost is caught in a fork in the road, just like Vito Corleone in The Godfather III: “Just as I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.” Ghost has to look out of the nightclub business while being aware that with all that hustling around, some people, including the good guys at the Federal Bureau of Investigation are thirsty sharks out for blood and vengeance.

Power Season 5 Finale

Episode 9 had quite the plot twists, with Angela informing Ghost about Teresi, his future known. Angela had Dre catching Alicia and Cristóbal Jiménez as she had wanted, putting them both in handcuffs is some sort of terrain gained by this side, but not all things are brightly colored in this original Starz production because more plot twists are to come. The father and son relationship story arc between Tariq and Ghost is revealed, and Tariq wants to emulate daddy and goes out on the hunt. A mission if you like to call it that way.

This next episode will continue that story, as for the leak we know it surrounds Angela, we know that her colleagues have fingered her to be in cahoots with Ghost and his criminal shenanigans, we know that Ghost is between a rock and a hard place. Will he go to jail? Will someone tells that the emperor has no clothes and the whole Sheboygan is out there for all of us to see? Will we see a House of Cards (pun intended) empire crash down taking a lot of people down with it’s backlash? This is all up for grabs. What we do know is that this series in its hot moment and you shouldn’t miss it!

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