Watch Lee Jun Young & SNSD’s Seohyun Exploring New Things In ‘Love and Leashes’ New Trailer

'Love and Leashes'
Seohyun as Jung Ji Woo in 'Love and Leashes'

While Korean dramas and movies are popular to be on the lighter side, highlighting the simple ways of showing affection. The upcoming shows are getting frisky. As Netflix released another trailer for its upcoming movie ‘Love and Leashes,’ it has become the talk of the town. The introduction trailer of the movie has gotten over 100,000 views within a week of its release. While the fans are going gaga over the leading cast members, a brand new storyline is what they are most excited about. With less than two weeks left for the movie to be out, Netflix and The Swoon have released the main teaser for the upcoming film ‘Love and Leashes’.

‘Love and Leashes’ follows Ji Woo and Ji Hoo, two colleagues who work in the same office. As the two get to know about each others’ interests in bed, they are ready to try something new. Based on the webtoon of the same name, the upcoming movie will be shedding light on the basics of BDSM, i.e., the relationship between a submissive and a domme, in a humorous way. Netflix has released the main trailer of ‘Love and Leashes,’ giving a look around the situation of the characters.

love & leasehes trailer
Lee Jun Young as Ji Hoo in ‘Love and Leashes’.

‘Love and Leashes’ New Trailer Is Already Out…

Looking at how opposite the cast members are in their real life, the fans are having a good laugh as they wait for the movie to release. Girl’s Generation’s Seohyun, who’s known to be the sweetest girl in town, will be playing the role of a rookie domme. While “Class of Lies” fame Lee Jun Young, who’s known for his intimidating roles, will be playing the expert submissive. The new trailer released by Netflix gives out the story of how the two meet. Jung Ji Hoo is the new joiner of the company where Jung Ji Woo works at. While Jung Ji Woo is a PR team employee, Jung Ji Hoo joins the team as her assistant manager. Having similar names, Ji Hoo’s parcel mistakenly reaches Ji Woo’s table. Getting to know that as he rushes to pick his stuff up, he stopped dead in his tracks as he saw a collar in Ji Woo’s hand.

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As he tried explaining that the collar isn’t for him but for his poodle dog. Looking at her already looking confused and spotting more stuff on his desk, Ji Hoo understood that it was too late. As she gets to know about the whole thing, Ji Hoo went on to ask her if she’d like to be his master. While she has no idea what she’s getting herself into, she’s willing to the whole thing a try. While being the expert submissive, Ji Hoo is teaching her everything she needs to. With Ji Woo having feelings for him, the two are already planning to date and take things forward. And every time the rookie domme Ji Woo takes the lead, Ji Hoo’s heartbeat can be heard through the screen easily.

'Love and Leashes' trailer
Things are getting spicy in the new trailer of ‘Love and Leashes’

What Do The Fans Think About It?

Seohyun asking, “Then do you want me to step on you?” at the end of the trailer has won everyone’s heart. Becoming the highlight of the whole trailer, fans are surprised at the idol’s duality. While they are already beaming with happiness as they see their idol taking up the lead and challenging roles. Many netizens have agreed that Seohyun has improved so much in acting. While many are happy that Lee Jun Young is finally getting the recognition, he deserves. Looking at the teasers out by the production team, the fans are just loving the whole concept of the film and wondering how similar the movie would be to the original webtoon.

“Love and Leashes” will be out on February 11, 2022. It will be available to watch on Netflix.

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