Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4: Release Date And Spoilers

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 watch

In the last episode of Dragon Ball Heroes, we saw how Kanba transformed into a Golden Oozaru. His transformation made him more times powerful than before, which excites Fu who was watching on his monitors. But when the Evil Saiyan began breaking the chains that hold up the Prison Planet, Fu started to worry. Things will get more intense in Dragon Ball Heroes episode 4.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 Release Date

In the last episode, we saw that Kanba is on par with Vegito Blue. They exchanged some blows and blasts before Kanba had enough, made a pseudo-moon, and transformed into a giant Oozaru. Meanwhile, the fusion was undone, and the two Saiyans came back to their original states. All of these happened while Fu is watching in his computer room.

In Dragon Ball Heroes episode 4, things will change when Kanba’s power tears the very foundation of the Prison Planet. His mouth Ki blast will drill a hole into the chains, and this will worry Fu. Because of this, Fu will rush in to help Goku (Vegeta was not in the preview, for some reason). Here’s the preview for those who haven’t seen it yet.

Because of Kanba’s rampage, Fu (who appeared to transform into Super Saiyan) will team up with Goku to get defeat Kanba. This is also a good episode to measure up Fu’s real strength and the danger he possesses to the Universes.  Is Fu a Saiyan? If he is, then why his does he wield that kind of aura? Can he transform into other Super Saiyan forms as well? We will know when the time comes.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 Release Date

There’s still no specific release date for Dragon Ball Heroes episode 4. However, the synopsis and title was announced. The title is “Rage! Super Fu Appears!” and the episode is expected to come at the end of September. More news is expected near the end of the month.

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