Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Preview, Time

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2

The promotional anime, Dragon Ball Heroes is back with a new episode this week. Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 is going to be chilled based as we would see Cooler coming back in series. Like the previous episode, Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 was pretty complicated, and fans didn’t expect it to be that way at all. But if you think about it, it’s all just to promote a game timeline, so its fair.

Dragon Ball Heroes is not a continuation or replacement of Dragon Ball Super. To be honest, as a fan I did enjoy the episode, and that’s maybe because it has been so long since we got some Dragon Ball content. As Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 will be focusing on Golden Cooler, who appeared before Trunks in the previous episode.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Preview

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2: “Goku Goes Berserk! The Evil Saiyan’s Rampage!”

Yeah, the title of Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 is extremely exciting as we would see so many actions coming along. From the preview, we also know that we’ll be seeing Cumber(not a vegetable). He is the evil Saiyan from some other Universe or timeline, and it seems he’s way too powerful as he can trade blows with Goku who is using the God form against him, his evil aura also makes Goku lose control a bit.

Here’s a synopsis of the DBH Episode 2,

“Goku and co. are helpless against the evil Saiyan who is shrouded in an overwhelmingly large, sinister ki! Goku is enveloped by the Evil Saiyan’s ki and runs wild, but an unexpected savior comes to the rescue!”


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