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Preview & Recap: War of the Worlds Season 2 Episode 6

Spoilers For War of the Worlds Season 2 Episode 6
From War of the Worlds Season 2 Episode 5 Featuring Catherine

War of the Worlds Season 2 Episode 6 may give us a proper conclusion on how aliens may have traveled to earth. Plus their motives here. All thanks to Catherine who spent the entire fifth episode hunting the professor of her. They almost thought the struggle they did to get there might have gone to waste as they didn’t see anyone at the university. But the light blinked at night and the group came to a research room where someone once was studying about these alien creatures. Thus opening doors to the reality of the situation everyone is facing.

Apart from Catherine’s group, the hunt for alien blood went on and on another side. Sacha made some shocking confessions and we hope to fall for Emily doesn’t lead any of them to the wrong side. Even Emily had a warning too. The shocking revelations of Sacha didn’t fit well with Chloe and there was a breakdown. The question remains this tiff might not lead them to get caught. Especially since the last episode almost saw them run over, but it was luck that saved them. So let’s break down everything that happened previously on the show. Then we will look at War of the Worlds Season 2 Episode 6.

Recap For War Of The Worlds Season 2 Episode 5

Previously on War Of The Worlds, we opened up with Catherine’s group still looking for their professor. On the other side, the hunt for Bill Ward to stop the virus also continues. Bill on his side confesses the way Emily is while Sacha confesses Chloe of killing many for Emily. As Sacha spends some time with Emily, the enemy group makes their presence felt and overruns Sacha and his group. One way or another, the attack is avoided turning into a massacre as Sacha’s group easily manages to escape.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect War of the Worlds Season 2 Episode 6

From War of the Worlds Season 2 Episode, 5 Featuring Sacha and Emily

Bill’s group returns only for him to see Dominic beating up Isla, and he can’t do anything about it. At a University, Catherine makes it up to the location to look for this Professor. But after an extensive search into the university’s record book, there is no single mention of him. This leads to a tiff between her and Nathan. Chloe and Jonathan reconcile, whereas Emily gets a piece of advice about Sacha from Kariem.

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At night, Catherine wakes up to see the light in one of the rooms of the University. So her group leaves to take a look. They see a lot of work being left off running and a dead body of a kid. Bill, on the other hand helps Isla to escape while everyone is asleep. Catherine, meanwhile spends her whole night studying what the technology around her does and what the algorithm is on the computer.

How Did War of the Worlds Season 2 Episode 6 End?

From War of the Worlds Season 2 Episode 5

The robot on the table senses all the action around. So if something flips, it detects. This may help her found out how aliens might have come to earth Sophia takes a look at the dead kid’s phone she kept for charge all night. She founds the last days he recorded with his girlfriend before dying. On the other side, Bill manages to make contact to close the episode.

War of the Worlds Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date and Spoilers

War Of The Worlds Season 2 Episode 6 is releasing on 18 July 2021 and will air on Epix at 9 p.m. Eastern. Four more episodes remain before the season wraps up on June 7, 2021. So expect a new episode every Sunday following the sixth until War Of The Worlds finishes its second season run. The episodes of War Of The Worlds Season 2 can be streamed on Epix Now as well. The show has previously aired in France and is also available on video-on-demand services of Amazon Prime. Check out the official trailer for War of The Worlds Season 2 below, along with the synopsis breakdown of the coming sixth episode.

The official synopsis of War Of The Worlds Season 2 Episode 6 says Catherine will continue her work to understand more about the computer. This will lead her to make discoveries about everything the kid who studied or the individual who made it. It will see her make sense of alien creatures and their behaviors. Most importantly, how they managed to come on earth and what it means for the future of humanity. Meanwhile, we are hoping to see how long Sacha and his group can run away and the problems and trust tangled between them will solve or not.

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