Wano Country Arc Trailer Release By Funimation

One Piece anime is about to enter its most interesting arc. Oda himself has revealed way earlier that the Wano country war will be the biggest war seen in the One Piece universe. It is going to be way bigger than the Marineford arc. Wano is known as the land of samurai and is not affiliated with the World Government so they have no control over it whatsoever, this makes things even more interesting.

Right now in the manga, we have been in Wano country arc for a while now and we have enjoyed every small bit of each chapter. New characters have been introduced some of them have already died an epic death. Now, the trailer has been finally launched by One Piece anime and its awesome as hell. There are completely newly upgraded designs of the characters. The director of the One Piece anime is now also changed.

Tatsuya Nagamine is the new director at the helm of One Piece anime. He is one of the most well-known directors of our generation. He has directed one of the best movies in recent times, that is Dragon Ball Super Broly. It has been the most successful movie of all time in the franchise of Dragon Balls Z. Tatsuya Nagamine has also directed one of the recent One Piece movies known as One Piece Film Z. From the trailer, we can see the characters we haven’t seen in anime in a long time like Robin, Zoro, Franky, Usopp.

Monkey D Luffy was also shown in the trailer of the Wano Country arc. It has also been confirmed that the first episode of this new Wano country arc will be airing on 07 July 2019. Fans are all pumped up to see Wano country at last. There have been some great scenes in the manga that we are eagerly awaiting to see in anime like yonko Kaido in his fully transformed mythical dragon form, Vinsmoke Sanji using his Raid Suit for the ever in the anime.


Also, characters like Kurozumi Orochi, King the Wildfire, Queen the Plague, the return of Jack the Drought, Ashura Douji, Komurasaki aka Kozuki Hiyori, Yasu, OTama, OToku, Page One, other headliners, etc.

There is a whole new host of awesome characters waiting to make their anime debut. The returning characters are Kid, Basil Hawkins, X Drake, Kaido, Luffy, Law, etc. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding the One Piece anime starting Wano country arc.

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