WALL-E Movie Review – An Absolute Masterpiece

Wall E Still

Andrew Stanton directed and Co-wrote a computer-animated science-fiction romantic comedy movie named WALL-E. The movie takes us forward to 29th Century. Where Rampant consumerism and environmental oversight have turned Earth into a garbage-strewn wasteland, humanity is nowhere to be discovered and abandoned by the megacorporation Buy-n-Large (BnL) on giant starliners seven centuries ahead. Of all the Waste Allocation Load-Lifter: Earth station (WALL-E) robots started by BnL to pick up, only one remains operational. 

One day, WALL-E’s routine of reducing trash and collecting interesting objects is broken by adding an unmanned probe providing an Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator (EVE) robot sent to scan the planet for a sustainable human life. The sleek, mysterious robot smites WALL-E, and the two begin to join until EVE goes into standby when WALL-E tells her his most recent find: a breathing seedling. The probe then collects EVE and the shop and—with WALL-E sticking on—returns to its mothership, the starliner Axiom.

All the sequences were so cute and so sweet. There is no doubt that the Earth is reflected as trash in the movie; looking at the current circumstances, there is no difficulty that Earth will end up becoming a landfill. Andrew predicted the fate, or I should say he warned us.

WALL-E Storyline

WALL-E review
WALL-E Still

In the ages since the Axiom left Earth, its customers have declined into helpless plumpness due to procrastination and microgravity, their every whim catered to by inventiveness. Even the leader, B. McCrea, is used to meeting back while his robotic steering wheel AUTO flies the ship. McCrea is inexperienced to receive the positive probe acknowledgment but discovers that putting the plant in the ship’s Holo-Detector will trigger a hyperjump backward to Earth so humanity can start recolonization. However, upon investigating EVE’s storage compartment, the plant is dropping, and EVE blames WALL-E for its removal.

 The imagination of so matured writers is so amazingly childish. The plot spreads a very strong message that it’s high time that we save Earth and preserve it. In the movie, a robot is trying to save humanity, so we are humans. It’s our duty to save our kind.  

EVE is considered faulty and taken to Diagnostics. Mistaking the process for torture, WALL-E occurs, making him and EVE to be selected as rogues. Aggregated, EVE tries to send WALL-E home in an escapism pod. However, they observe AUTO’s gopherbot GO-4 stowing the separate plant in a pod set to self-destruct. WALL-E protects the plant, and he and EVE reconcile and rejoice with a dance in outer space throughout the Axiom.

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The Plot Surrounding EVE’s Earth in WALL-E

EVE takes the plant back to McCrea, who understands EVE’s Earth recordings and decides that they have to go back. 

However, AUTO is exposed to be faithful only to his own secret no-return directive A113—announced after BnL incorrectly decided centuries ago that the asteroid could not be avoided—even when McCrea cancels it. AUTO resistance with GO-4 as a result, burning and frying WALL-E’s circuit board, placing EVE into standby, forcing them both down the rubbish chute, and locking McCrea in his coins.

 EVE and WALL-E are approximately ejected into outer space along with the ship’s garbage. However, a Microbe Obliterator robot named M-O has been saved, following WALL-E’s dirt trail beyond the ship. As humans and robots help ensure the plant, McCrea and AUTO fight for control, ending in WALL-E being crushed in the Holo-Detector when he tries to keep it open; McCrea ultimately overpowers and deactivates AUTO, and the plant is injected into the Holo-Detector, initiating the hyperjump.

Coming back on Earth, EVE repairs WALL-E but discovers that his memory has been reset and his character is gone. Heartbroken, EVE gives WALL-E a goodbye kiss, which sparks his memory and returns his original personality. WALL-E and EVE reunite as the inhabitants of the Axiom take their first runs on Earth. Humans and robots turn the damaged planet into a paradise during the assets, and the plant is shown to have turned into a mighty tree.

The movie’s ending is the best part of it. When the last sequence started, it felt like the movie will not have a happy ending, but the twist in the scene was not expected. Whereas it was the end that the movie deserves.

WALL-E Rating

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a 95% rating based on 260 reviews, with an ordinary score of 8.55/10. The website’s critical agreement reads, “Wall-E‘s stellar visuals show once again to Pixar’s ingenuity, while its beautiful star will captivate more modern viewers. Its timely story allows thought-provoking subtext.” At Metacritic, which allows a normalized rating to reviews from mainstream critics, the movie has an average score of 95 out of 100 based on 39 reviews, meaning “universal acclaim.” Indiewire named WALL-E the third-best movie of the year based on their annual review of 100 film critics. At the same time, Movie City News notes that WALL-E appeared in 162 different top 10 lists, out of 286 different critics lists viewed, the most mentions on a top 10 list of any movie released in 2008.

The movie deserves a 100% rating from all the review sites. It is a very innovative way to spread a very strong message and must-watch movies.

Final Verdict

The movie will give you joyful tears, and I must say this world needs more movies and creators like this. No person can hate this movie, and it is a must-watch. The movie conveys a powerful message in an adorable and innovative way. If I have to describe the film in one word, it would be “Fantastic.”

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