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What To Expect From Walker Season 1 Episode 6?

The reboot of the “Walker, Texas Ranger” sees Walker deal with his family issues. His wife Emily had passed away while he was to protect his family. Only a few months ago, he was on an undercover mission. And now, his son, August had found some stuff related to that part of his life. As he tries to dig deeper, August feels like his dad might abandon the family again. So, he tries making contact with an old associate of his dad, Twyla Jean. The stakes have become high now, as unless Walker maintains his cover, his family might be in grave danger.

Walker Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Walker Season 1 Episode 5 titled “Duke” starts off with a flashback where we see Walker working undercover. His name was Duke Culpepper, a Texas Ranger assigned to clean up after rodeos. During his time undercover, he impressed a regular, Twyla Jean. At present, she was attempting to meet Duke again, so August responds to her. Now, wanting to keep his family safe, he must meet her so as to not blow his cover. As he has a panic attack, he grounds August then drives to a secluded spot changing into his alter ego, Duke. He then rendezvoused with Twyla at a cheap motel. Elsewhere, Micki Ramirez has a discussion with her boyfriend, Trey, regarding taking their relationship to the next level. After this, she is briefed by Captain Larry James and Walker’s brother Liam on how Walker was going undercover again.

Still from Walker Episode 6

The $300,000 was still missing, making the FBI suspicious whether Walker was clean. This was because he had refused to testify out of fear for his family that they might get vulnerable to the bank robbers, the Rodeo Kings.
As Duke meets with Twyla, they are interrupted by a violent associate, Jackson. He approaches Duke, who is soon saved by Micki under the alias of Adrianna. Both of them think quickly to get away and plan a new heist to catch the remaining bank robbers. We even get a look into Liam as to how he had convinced Walker to stay undercover longer so that he could build up a more detailed case against the robbers.

The Bust

As Walker tries to maintain his cover, he is troubled by his past exchanges as we again go to a flashback. We head back to the initial day when the assignment ended. Here, he was cornered by Texas Rangers and the FBI. The most difficult being the gang leader, Clint West, who starts a shoot-out setting everything ablaze. During this, we see that his mortally wounded girlfriend, Crystal, had hidden the stolen $300,000 in a karaoke bar’s jukebox. Now, in the present time, she tries to steal the money for herself, but she is intercepted by the FBI. After this, we finally witness the end to Walker’s undercover life as he fakes his death in a faux shootout.

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Family Matters

Preview and Recap: Walker Season 1 Episode 6

Duke and August

While Walker had his persona on, August tracks him down and nearly blows his cover. He confronts his dad regarding him potentially abandoning their family yet again. But, he had no choice but to continue at that point. After the mission, Walker goes to August, assuring him that he won’t be going back undercover. While he does so, he even burnt all his remaining articles from his time as Duke. Walker even clears up with Liam, how he does not resent him for making Walker go undercover longer. Privately, we see how Liam reveals to Captain James regarding irregularities in Emily’s murder, but both of them decide to keep this information with themselves for now.

Walker Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date

Walker Season 1 Episode 6 titled “Bar None” is set to release on 11th March 2021. The episodes by Walker release at 8 pm ET every Thursday. Be sure to change the above time to your local time zone to watch the episode when it airs. You can watch Walker when it airs on CW, or you can even stream it on Voot, YouTube TV, FuboTV, and DirecTV. The episodes are even available for purchase through Amazon Prime Video. According to reports, the show will even be added to HBO Max after the Season 1 releases.

Walker Season 1 Episode 6 Preview

Preview and Recap: Walker Season 1 Episode 6

Micki and Walker.

Walker Season 1 Episode 6, titled “Bar None” sees Micki’s mom come back home while Geri decides to sell the bar. We have heard of Micki’s strained relationship with her, but we cannot be sure if we will see a glimpse of it in the episode. We will finally get to witness what will unfold when these two women come in close contact with one another. Geri has decided to sell the bar nearly one year after Emily’s death. This is bound to affect Walker as emotions and memories might flow in. The episode will also see the return of Matt Barr as Hoyt. He will be playing a key role at the side step wherein they indulge in Walker’s memories. He will also have a significant role in the investigation of Emily’s murder alongside Liam and James.

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