Voltron Season 7 Episode List

Voltron Season 7 Episode List

The sixth season of Voltron wrapped up well, and fans went crazy for the next installment in the series, Voltron Season 7. Netflix renewed Voltron for a seventh season a few weeks earlier, and now, the wait is finally over as Voltron Season 7 just premiered. Many clips were revealed earlier, one of which showed that the Paladins were left in the space and they were without their lions.

Voltron Season 7: Total Number of Episodes:

This time fans will get more content as Voltron Season 7 will have more episodes than its previous seasons. According to reports, Voltron Season 7 will have a total of 13 episodes which is again a bonus for the fans of the series.

The announcement of the release date of Voltron Season 7 was also made earlier over on Twitter, and the statement from Voltron read, “Someone (*cough cough* @netflix) revealed the Season 7 date a little earlier than we were prepared to, but yes, we can confirm it’s true! Season 7 debuts on Netflix on August 10th. That’s practically just a tick away.”

Voltron Season 7 Release Date

San Diego Comic-Con also featured the premiere of Voltron Season 7. Fans were highly impressed by it, and one of the fans got so excited watching it that he screamed “My emotions!”

Before the official screening of the premiere of Voltron Season 7, a panel was set for the fans which included the Executive Producers of Voltron, Lauren Montgomery, and Joaquim Dos Santos. It also included Voltron’s story editor Josh Hamilton, and the respective voice actors of Voltron: Legendary Defender. The voice actors included Rhys Darby (plays as Coran), Bex Taylor-Klaus (plays as Pidge), and Jeremy Shada (plays as Lance).

The creator of the series also gave a little insight into the seventh season and said, “I think we kind of just did hint at [next season] a bit.

“Obviously their sights are set on getting back home, to Earth, where Pidge’s father has these plans to potentially, hopefully, build them a new ship. But they have to get their first. And so they no longer have the castle ship, they’re going to have to do some trekking to make it all the way home. So we can expect to see a little bit of Paladin travel time, and yeah.”

Voltron Season 7 Episode List:

  • Voltron Season 7 Episode 1: A Little Adventure
  • Voltron Season 7 Episode 2: The Road Home
  • Voltron Season 7 Episode 3: The Way Forward
  • Voltron Season 7 Episode 4: The Feud!
  • Voltron Season 7 Episode 5: The Ruins
  • Voltron Season 7 Episode 6: The Journey Within
  • Voltron Season 7 Episode 7: The Last Stand, Part 1
  • Voltron Season 7 Episode 8: The Last Stand, Part 2
  • Voltron Season 7 Episode 9: Know Your Enemy
  • Voltron Season 7 Episode 10: Heart of the Lion
  • Voltron Season 7 Episode 11: Trial By Fire
  • Voltron Season 7 Episode 12: Lions’ Pride, Part 1
  • Voltron Season 7 Episode 13: Lions’ Pride, Part 2

Voltron Season 7 Release Date:

Voltron Season 7 released on 10th August on Netflix.