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Voice Season 5: When Will it Come Out?

Voice season 5 release date
Voice K-Drama

Voice is yet another popular Korean Drama that is very much loved by its fans. This popular show first premiered in January 2017. The show received a lot of appraisal for its storytelling and character portrayals by the cast members. As of now, the hit show has a total of 4 seasons. The fourth season of the series recently aired its finale on 31st July 2021. Voice has been quite popular for its depiction of violence as it was the one that changed the narrative from romance drama to violent rated shows. Although, this was not the case at first when the series first premiered.

The show took the audience by surprise when it showed a lot of violence in the story. However, this was necessary for the show as the series is based on real-life events. Therefore, to keep the plot and story true to the original events, the showrunners had to get on with killings and murder portrayals. Voice includes a cast of well-known actors like Lee Ha-na, Jang Hyuk, Lee Jin-Wook, and Song Seung-Heon who are quite popular among the K-Drama fan community. The series has been written by Ma Jin-won and directed by different directors for every season.

Voice season 5 release date

Voice K-Drama Plot

The widely famous and hit Korean drama “Voice” is based on some true events. The story revolves around the lives of the employees of 112 emergency call center who are always ready to help the people who are in need. They try to fight against the crimes with the help of the sounds they hear on the call. The story begins with the main characters of the show played by Song Seung Heon and Lee Ha-na. Their respective characters Moo Jin Hyeok (who is a well-known detective) and Kang Kwon Joo (who is a professional voice profiler) have both lost their loved ones. Moo Jin Hyeok lost his wife whereas Knag Kwon Joo lost her father.

Both the characters are deep in the guilt that they could not save their loved ones. This in turn makes them team up and work together to help others from criminals. Although. the first season was caught under the radar of the censorship review board for the violence, it did not affect the viewership of the show. The showrunners eventually changed the rating of the show to a mature rating. Even after that, the show still dominated the viewing charts and was a big hit.

Voice season 5 release date

In the second season of the show, the main characters returned, however, there were some new additions too. Another character who had the skill of understanding the minds of the criminals was introduced. With his help, Kang Kwon Joo worked to help the victims. In season 3 the same cast returns to fight an international gang that targets the victims through the internet. Finally, in season four, we saw a serial killer who had the ability of enhanced hearing. The characters work together tirelessly to track down this criminal who uses his ability to murder people.

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Is There A Release Date For Season 5?

The show recently concluded the fourth season of the installment on July 31st. Therefore, as of now, there is no release date for Voice K-Drama season 5. Since there has been no news or any confirmation from the producing network, it might be too early to get to any conclusion. The show ended with good ratings and the viewership for good as well. So, it is a matter of time until we get the final announcement about a fifth season for the show. Till then, the fans will have to wait for a release date of season 5.

Voice season 5 release date

As of now, there is no release date for Voice K-Drama season 5.

Where To Watch Voice K-Drama?

Voice K-Drama is originally produced by the movie channel network OCN which is based in South Korea. Therefore, the seasons of Voice K-Drama are available to watch on OCN. Other than that, the season one and two of the show are also available to binge on Netflix. The show consists of a total of 58 episodes. Seasons one and three have 16 episodes each whereas season two has 12 and season four has 14 episodes. The total runtime of each episode is close to 60 minutes. With its amazing storylines, thrilling moments, and suspense, Voice K-Drama keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

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