Voice Actress of Hange, Park Romi Turns 50

Park Romi Hange Zoe voice Actor Turns 50
Park Romi Hange Zoe voice Actor Turns 50

When we say that we love to watch anime, it doesn’t mean that we limit ourselves to only our beloved animated characters. Being anime fandom, we love every aspect of the anime series and all the tiny things that come together to make an anime series. Whether it is an author of the manga series a director, a production company, or any publication that contributed their efforts to give us such a great thing to binge on. Every element of an anime, manga or light novel series deserves praise and needs to be cherished from time to time.

Similarly, like all the aspects of an anime series, once you make a character come to life and become a fan’s favorite are voice actors. These people are the ones who literally put the life into some anime characters by lending them their voice. This makes a great deal as it requires a lot of effort to copy all the emotions excitement that goes on simultaneously in an anime series. Voice actors are very important, and their presence and words deserve to be appreciated. So, to appreciate a beautiful human being who helped us to connect with many anime characters is none other than our very own Romi Park. The artist is very well known for his excellent work in many anime series, which makes her very remarkable.

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About Romi Park

Just from the name of the brilliant artist who must have guessed from where she belongs. Park Romi is a Korean-Japanese actress, voice actress, and singer. Indeed she is very talented and has proved it through her notable works. She was born on 22nd January 1972 in Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan, and on the occasion of her birthday, we are going to know some of the very important events of her life. Having a keen interest in drama and music, Romi Park graduated from Gakuen College of Drama and Music. Being half Korean, she maintained her essence and didn’t let living in Japan affect her, this proves as she has learned Korean from Korean Language Institute at Yonsei University. Her journey of being an actor began when she debuted in 1998 as she gave her voice to Kanan Gimms from the anime series “Brain Powered”.

Since then, she never looked back as she received her first voice actor award in 2003 in the 26th Anime Grand Prix, next year, she again won a voice actor award in Tokyo Internation Anime Fair 2004. In 2006 she received a Best Actress Award for Nana as Nana Osaki in the 1st Seiyu Awards. In the same year, she released her own singing CD that sounded utterly beautiful. As she stepped the ladder of success, she left the Yen Theater group in 2017, she had been with for around 22 years and established her own voice actor office LAL. Just in next year, 2018, she read an audiobook titled “Your Name”. She made her first musical appearance in 2019 as Madame Thenardier from Les Miserables. She gained a lot throughout her life, but the best thing that happened to her was her marriage. On 22nd January 2020, on her birthday, she officially announced her marriage to Kazuhiro Yamaji.

Park Romi Turns 50b
Park Romi

Voice Actress of Hange, Park Romi Turns 50

Park Romi has been in the industry for about 24 years now and deserves all the respect for being such a wonderful and talented artist. As she started her work, she gave her voice to an anime character for the first time in 1997 to Tomoko Ninomiya in Kindaichi Case Files. Not only this, you will get to see her work in many other very popular anime series like “Brain Powered”, “Turn A Gundam”, “One Piece”, “Digimon Adventure 02”, “Shaman King”, “Naruto” and a lot other series. Not only the classic animes, but she also comes out with equally brilliant performances in new era anime series too.

Park Romi Turns 50
Park Romi voice actor

Her notable works include “Edward Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist”, “Toshiro Hitsugaya – Bleach”, “Nana Osaki – Nana”, “Temari – Naruto”, “Hange Zoe – Attack on Titan”, “Ragyo Kiryuin – Kill La Kill”, “Lui Shirasagijo- Beyblade”, and many other. Being a female doesn’t mean that she only gives her voice to female characters, but she handled the male characters with equal excellence. That makes her a very brilliant voice artist, and any word will not describe how much we are grateful to have her in the anime industry. As she has turned 50 today, we like to thank the artist for her work and dedication towards her work as she gave her a lot of memories as our beloved anime character from respective series. Happy Birthday Romi Park!!!

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