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What To Expect From Voice 4 Episode 5?

Voice 4 Episode 9 Release Date
Promotional posters for Voice 4 (credit: tvN)

There are very rare Korean Dramas getting a follow-up season and becoming hit. Voice is one such drama that saw its original release way back in 2017. Now, the series has again returned for a fourth season this year almost after two years since the airing of the last season. Furthermore, the series got a brand new home as its original network. It moved from OCN to tvN. We also see a new partner in the latest season for the leading protagonist, Kang Kwon Joo. The present article is all about the Voice 4 Episode 5 release date and preview. 

The fourth season of Voice is taking place on a small island in the countryside. The Golden Time Team also moves there in search of the killer, Circus Man. Furthermore, the killer is not working alone as they are a team of three. The last episode also saw Director Kang realizing the killer. Until now, they thought the killer to be a woman impersonating Director Kang. However, the same is a man as revealed in the footage. Let’s know more details about the latest upcoming episode. 

Voice 4 Episode 4: A Glimpse into the Episode

Voice 4 Episode 4 begins with Chad saying to Derek Cho about captain Gong Soo-Ji going missing from the hospital. Derek was on the phone with Detective Kang and, she too listens the same. Chad says the event took place while Nick was in the bathroom. Thus, everyone rushes to the hospital, and Derek asks them to secure the CCTV footage. Soo-Ji is trying to go from the hospital despite her injury. However, she hears a voice coming. Then, we saw, the Circus Man is on the move for killing her. Well, she too is an MBO36 flight passenger, the flight via which Circus Man escaped to Bimo. 

Voice 4 Episode 5 Release Date

A glimpse into one of the scenes of Voice 4 Episode 1 wherein the Circus Man reveals the face (Credit: tvN)

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The episode also shows how the real killer could be a man and not a woman. Soo-Ji founds a video took on the plane after continuously hearing the same lullaby in the hospital. Thus, the killer is after her for the same video. However, she sends the same to Director Kang and calls her. But, the one impersonating Director Kang comes and kidnaps her. She keeps on calling Derek Jo. However, he is very busy catching the man from the Drug cartel. Furthermore, he asks Director Kang to cure her panic disorder before the same gets worse. 

Voice 4 Episode 5 Release Date

Voice 4 Episode 5 release date is July 02, 2021, at 22:50 KST on tvN. Hence, the upcoming episode is airing in a few hours. This week will saw the release of Voice Episode 5 and Episode 6.

Voice 4 Episode 5 Preview

Voice 4 Episode 5 has got a short preview of 31 seconds. In the preview, it shows the Bimo investigation center getting a call from three girls near a bayside. They say on the phone that they think someone did suicide. The girls found a note, shoes, and some clothes. Park Eun Soo is seen in some sort of tension thinking something in the preview. Meanwhile, Director Kang also goes somewhere for investigations. On the other hand, the preview shows how Derek Cjo is shouting at someone on the phone saying, that they have to find Gong Su Ji no matter what. 

Then, we see a girl leading the detectives somewhere saying about it being the cave. However, nobody knows about the same and even the villagers. Derek Cho is somewhere else and is on the phone talking with Director Kang. She is at the same place where the suicide took place. We see, Derek Cho, asking her if she is hearing or getting to know something. Detective Kang replies negatively and says about needing more time. 

Another set of detectives arrives on the team and asks Director Kang to mind their own business as they will be taking over the case now. However, Director Kang asks them to go ahead but they too have the right to investigate as a special team. On the other hand, Derek Cho is asking her to concentrate and says about her being a voice profiler. Thus, she needs to trust her ears only. Furthermore, he says that he would catch whatever monsters they come across. 

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