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Spoilers & Preview: Voice 4 Episode 4

What is the release date of Voice 4 Episode 7?
A glimpse into one of the scene from episode 1 of Voice 4 featuring Kang Kwon Joo (credit: tvN)

Voice 4 is among one the drama that was most talked about in June’s third week. The latest season of Voice has only started streaming from last week. Nevertheless, the drama took off to a good start, with the premiering episode garnering a 3.2 percent rating nationwide. Furthermore, the show earned the first position across all cable channels in that particular time slot. The present article is about the Voice 4 Episode 4 release date and what will happen in the episode. Well, Song Seung-Heon as a perfectionist Korean American LAPD team leader, is joining the Golden Time Team this time.

The future episodes are even more awaited, as this time, the killer and villain are even more dangerous and smarter. She does not leave behind any traces, even her voice and face. Well, she impersonated Kwon Joo’s face for all the murders since she has the same capacities as Kwon Joo. Furthermore, she leaves clues to Kwon Joo in her emails before the murders. It’s like she is playing a game with Kwon Joo about being who is the better. The killer could be someone from the Bimo Investigation Agency or anyone they come across in the future episodes of the show. 

Voice 4: Highlights

Voice 4 features Director Kang Kwon-Joo faces a competitive and tough killer in the latest killer who is just like her. To make matters worse, the killer is much smarter. Furthermore, Kwon-Jo is facing hard times and PTSD after the death of her previous partner in the previous season. She also sees dreams wherein a killer with similar abilities and faces as she is taunting her. It also begins when she receives mysterious emails from someone named Circus Man claiming they are Siamese Twins. At first, she did not give much interest to the emails. However, the same caught her attention after the murders begin happening, like the killer send her clues in the emails.

Voice 4 Episode 4 Release Date

Scenes from episode 2 wherein Detective Joo is confronting Director Kwon Joo, thinking her to be the killer (credit: tvN)

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In the ongoing season of Voice, LAPD’s team leader, Derek Joo, and his team join her. He came to Korea to help the Korean police for catching a criminal. However, his sister somehow witnessed the murder of the Circus Man. It leads to the capture of his sister. Director Kwon Jo and Derek Joo begin to search for her in alliance with the Seoul Metropolitan Police. However, they fail to save her in time as the killer outsmarts every one of them. At last, the Circus Man made her escape. It seems from the looks that the Circus Man is a woman. Furthermore, the Circus Man does not work alone. She has a team, two men, along with her. The villain also does not hesitate to kill someone brutally and does so only on a specified date. 

Voice 4 Episode 4 Release Date

Voice 4 Episode 4 release date is June 26, 2021, at 22:50 KST on tvN original network. Hence, we have a day until the airing of the fourth episode of Voice 4. It will air on the Saturday of this week. Until now, the series is going according to the original release schedules and not facing any delays yet. 

Voice 4 Episode 4: What Will Happen?

Voice 4 Episode 4 does not have any preview as of yet. Furthermore, episode 3 of the series has not yet aired. The future episode’s plotline will take place depending on what happened in the upcoming episode. However, we could guess as to what may get featured in episode 4 of Voice 4. It will continue with the story of Jang Ye Suk and the perpetrator if he is not caught yet. Furthermore, it could so happen that the teams failed to save Jang Ye Suk, and she is already dead. They also caught the perpetrator but failed to get out of him anything as he has lycanthropy.

Director Kwon Joo could also realize that it may all be the doing of the Circus Man. The villain could have known about their arrival in Bimo and searching for her. Furthermore, they are also searching for all the women in that particular airline. Jang Ye Suk was also one of them. Thus, the villain put on someone for kidnapping her before Ye Suk gives out any details. Thus, it may not be the case. There could be more such cases for the team in the future.

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