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Voice 4 Episode 10: What Will Happen?

What is the Release Date of Voice 4 Episode 10?
A look into the characters for Voice 4 Episode 10 (Credit: tvN)

Voice 4 Episode 10 is eagerly anticipated as it will show the true nature and identity of the Circus Man before the teams. It will also bring forth many other revelations and secrets. There will be a showdown between Director Kang and Circus Man. Furthermore, Dererk Joo also needs answers and justice from the Circus Man. The Sonang village, as portrayed in the series, is also one peculiar village. Is there any special secret related to the whole village? The present article is all about what will happen in Voice 4 Episode 10.

There are four personalities present in the Circus Man. His real identity is Dong Bang Min. The first personality is his real original self. The second one is the master of the three that wears glasses and carefully plans everything out. Then, the Third personality is the center director having the same hearing capacity as Director Kang. And the last one is the Circus Man that is thirsty for blood and murders. The same cast portrayed all four characters with different looks, facial muscles, and voices. It will be interesting to see how he will go against Kang Kwon Joo and Derek Joo in the upcoming episodes. Even the director expresses the portrayal of his character to be challenging.

Voice 4 Episode 10: Release Date

Voice 4 Episode 10 release date is July 17, 2021, at 22:50 KST on the tvN network. Thus, there are five days left for the release of episode 10. It will be coming on the upcoming Saturday. This week also saw the release of episode 9 of the show besides 10. After that, only two more episodes will get left for the completion of the series. Voice is also available to watch with English subtitles on Rakuten Viki.

What is the release date of Voice 4 Episode 10?

The latest teaser poster for the real identity of Circus Man, Dong Bang Min (credit: tvN)

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On the other hand, the revelation took place for the Circus Man’s real identity poster on July 10, 2021. The poster depicts the terrifying true nature of Dong Bang Min overwhelming the thrilling atmosphere. Lee Kyu Hyung is portraying the role of the Bang Min. His eyes are dark as shown in the poster. His resolve looks firm. There is a serious look on his face while he is holding onto something. The poster also has a caption at the top that says about ears that save versus ears that kill. It could mean that the circus man is seeing who will emerge as the winner between the two. 

Voice 4 Episode 10: What Will Happen?

Voice 4 Episode 10 does not have any preview as of yet as the release for episode 9 has not taken place yet. However, the Golden Time Team and Derek Joo’s team are near to catching the killer as the series is moving towards the finale. But, will it be an end for Derek Joo too? We already know how Director Kang has got the name of partner killer. Furthermore, we already saw in the preview for episode 9 that someone had harmed Derek, and he became unconscious. The previous episodes already showed the multiple and terrifying personalities of the Circus Man. Now, what will happen in the showdown with Director Kang and Derek Joo? Audiences are curious to know what will the extent of Circus Man and how far he can go.

Another thing for consideration is Director Kang and Circus Man’s relation. The show is yet to reveal the relation between them. Is the Circus Man planning something extraordinary for Director Kang? The Circus Man also once said about him making the Siamese twins stabbing each other with knives? Will something happen to Director Kang in the end? We got to know in the previous episodes about the murder of Derek Joo’s mother in Vimo only. But, what is her relation to the murder? Why did she got murdered? The revelation is yet to take place for the same.

Everything started from Sonang Village, and everything could end there in future episodes. Somehow the murder of Derek Joo’s murder is connected to the Sonang village. Even Derek Joo thinks his sister’s murder is also connected to the same thing. But, it is not possible that the same people did the murder. The only thing similar about Derek Joo’s mother’s murder is that they move as a group of three wearing masks. Furthermore, their masks are the same but not similar to that extent.

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