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Voice 4 Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap & Plot Analysis

Voice 4 Episode 9 Release Date
Promotional posters for Voice 4 (credit: tvN)

Voice 4 is now going on and only has started premiering recently. The fourth season of Voice is even more thrilling, with the identity of the killer completely unknown and the same unique hearing capacity as Kwon Joo. Well, the present season also features another Detective, Derek Jo. He is a Korean-US citizen that came to Korea to catch a US criminal. However, he stayed back in Korea for a week after the killer murdered his mute sister. Now, even he is hell-bent on finding the killer and goes to Bimo with his team. The killer murders after giving hints to Kwon Joo.

It seems the killer is playing a game with Kwon Joo. The killer also does not uses her own voice. Can Derek Jo and Kwon Joo find the killer without any evidence and hints? Even if Kwon Joo helps, the killer has the same characteristics as her. Can the team outsmart the killer? It is even not known who is behind the mastermind of the killer? Is it actually a man or a woman. The team is thinking it to be a woman. Is it so or not?

Voice 4 Episode 1: Recap

Voice 4 Episode 1 starts showing a scene on December 24, 2020, at 11:50 pm. It features three unknown persons in black dresses. Their head is also covered, and their face is not shown. We see in the house a boy is holding a knife and threatening one old man and woman. The three masked pairs are moving towards one house. Furthermore, the boy clicked the picture of the old couple and send it to the Circus Man. However, at that exact moment, the masked pair comes and kills the boy and the couple. Then, we see Kang Kwon Joo having nightmares about someone with her face committing murders.

Voice 4 Episode 2 Recap

One of the glimpses from Episode 1 of Voice 4 featuring Derek Jo (Credit: OCN)

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The Circus man also sent various emails to her specifying how they are the same in their abilities. The episode also introduces Detective Derek Jo, who is popularly known as Mamba in his field of work. He is fluent in various languages and an excellent sense for catching killers. We came to know that he has a mute sister, Lisa. They came to Korea to catch a criminal. However, Lisa gets herself involved in an unexpected situation involving the Circus Man. Detective Jo and Kwon Joo race against time to save her but could not do so. At last, Lisa died, and the real face of Circus Man is similar to that of Kwon Joo.

Voice 4 Episode 2: Recap

Voice 4 Episode 2 starts with Derek Jo seeing the body of the sister. He is very sad and angry at the same time. The killers left thinking they killed two families at the same time. Furthermore, Kwon Joo’s profiling seems to came wrong, and the police could not find the suspect in the airport. They rather found someone else as the suspect. However, she was not wrong. Later on, Derek Jo begins his own investigation. Kwon Joo also goes to Bimo Provincial Investigation Agency in secret as to her ten-day vacation. Derek Jo and his team also reach Bimo.¬†

¬†Furthermore, the whole team of Kwon Joo follows her and reaches Bimo. In fact, Derek Jo’s team and Kwon Joo’s team has face to face off. Derek Joo thought she is the killer after scrutinizing CCTV footage. However, it seems the killer is only impersonating her and hiding with another face. Finally, the team came to an understanding. Derek Jo extends his hands to Kwon Joo for working together. Kwon Jo accepts the same thinking, it to be the fastest way for catching the killer.

Voice 4: What will happen in the Upcoming Episodes?

Voice 4 upcoming episodes will take place in the Bimo. Both the teams will work together for finding the killer. However, they will have a hard time as the killer also has the same hearing capabilities as Kwon Joo. Furthermore, they do not know her actual face. She is only impersonating Kwon Joo for killing and putting the blame on her. The killer even has two more allies with her. Can they find the killer before another murder? Will some unfortunate event take place with them?

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