Vivo Drone Camera Phone Launch Date: Drone In Phone A Reality Soon?

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Vivo Drone Camera Phone
Vivo Drone Camera Phone

Vivo drone camera phone has created a lot of buzz on the internet in the past months. However, the main question among many tech enthusiasts and the general public is that what is this phone all about? This is not the first time a company has come into the limelight for trying to bring in new technology in the market. There have been others in the tech industry that have intrigued a lot of people with their innovative ideas. Although, most of those technologies have never made it to the real world. The main reason behind this is that those technologies were too complex and difficult to turn into actual functioning devices.

In addition to that, the current stage of technological advancements has also resulted in the halt of the concepts becoming a reality. We might be getting new technology updates every year and think that we are advancing at a significant rate, but the truth is something else entirely. Even though we see new smartphones coming out with bigger batteries in a slim phone, or a quad-camera setup, cameras going up to hundred megapixels in phones, and much more exceptional features, but we are still far away to count anything as a major technological jump. However, the Vivo drone camera phone has anticipated the fans and had got them looking forward to its launch date. So let us go ahead and find out what is this new smartphone from Vivo all about.

Vivo Drone Camera Phone
Vivo Drone Camera Phone

Vivo Drone Camera Phone: When Will The Phone Launch?

The giant smartphone brand Vivo has made the news for its new drone camera phone concept. However, the Vivo drone camera phone does not have any launch date as of now. In addition to that, the phone might not come out for quite some time. The main reason behind this is that the drone camera phone is just a concept that has not even reached an early designing stage. Vivo recently filed a patent for the new camera concept that it wants to introduce in its smartphones.

The patent for the concept states that the company’s new advanced camera phone will have integrated drone technology. This means that there will be advanced camera hardware that will detach itself from the phone. Furthermore, the detached camera hardware will then work as a drone that will fly up in the air to capture videos. The aim is to make the drone camera work just like other drones and give the users an all-in-one technology.

Vivo Drone Camera Phone
Vivo’s patent for Drone Camera Phone

There have been images of the filed patent which shows the detachable camera hardware. The hardware seems to have inbuilt propellors so that it can fly up like other drones. Moreover, the hardware is shown to have an integrated battery as well to keep it running. What makes the concept even more intriguing, that it is said that the hardware will come out from one edge of the phone. Just like the current technology of pop-up cameras, this hardware will also be housed inside the phone. The users will be able to control the drone camera from their smartphones.

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Will The Vivo Drone Camera Phone Become A Reality?

The concept of the Vivo drone camera phone is a technology worth having. Especially in this day of age when there are so many content creators around the world, a technology like this would turn out to be a game-changer. However, it seems highly unlikely that this patent from Vivo will make it to the market. Furthermore, we might even say there is very little chance that this technology will ever become a reality.

We say this because there are a lot of amazing patents filed every from several companies. However, the maximum number of those patents never even make it to the design stage. Talking about this drone camera phone concept, many new challenges will rise with it. The designers will have to house a relatively smaller battery in the phone to make space for the drone hardware mechanism.

Vivo Drone Camera Phone
Vivo Drone Camera Phone

In addition to that, the phone will become very bulky as well to house that hardware. Then there will be other issues like if the hardware gets stuck or gets damaged while being used as a drone. This moving mechanism might also result in the phone sacrificing its water resistance capability. Therefore, this concept seems to be far away from ever becoming a reality. However, we never know what might happen in few years. So we will have to just wait and watch out for any official updates from the company regarding the drone camera phone. 

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