VIVIZ’s Umji Tests Positive For COVID-19 Ahead Of the Big Debut


Upcoming girl group, VIVIZ’s member Umji, has tested positive for COVID-19. Like many other Korean celebrities and Kpop idols, Umji has also contracted the virus. The news was shared by Big Planet Made, which houses VIVIZ, and it also shared Umji’s current health condition. VIVIZ will be making its debut in February. Hence, the fans wonder if VIVIZ’s debut will be pushed back.

On 28 January 2022, VIVIZ’s agency Big Planet Made shared that Umji had tested positive for COVID-19. Since Umji was a former member of GFriend, she already has a huge fan following. After the news broke out, the fans shared comforting messages for the Kpop idol. Luckily, Umji does not have any major symptoms. More updates on VIVIZ and her health were shared in an official statement.

VIVIZ’s Umji Tests Positive For COVID-19

Unfortunately, VIVIZ member Umji had tested positive for COVID-19 on 28 January. As per Big Planet Made’s statement, Umji had already received the two COVID-19 vaccines. However, since a staff member was in close contact with a COVID-19 patient, Umji caught the virus.

At present, she is displaying minor symptoms and is isolating; she will be undergoing home treatment. In addition to this, the other two VIVIZ members (SinB and Eunha) have tested negative. But, because of the incubation period, they will get PCR testing daily to keep their health status in check.

VIVIZ Umji covid-19
Kpop girl group VIVIZ (SinB. Eunha, Umji)

The staff will also get PCR testing as soon as possible to avoid any further spread of the virus. The agency shared that they will do their best to follow all the guidelines laid by quarantine authorities.

In the end, Big Planet Made apologized for causing concern among the fans and netizens. They shared that their artists are their priority and hope Umji recovers soon.

VIVIZ is an upcoming Kpop girl group consisting of ex-GFriend members, Umji, SinB, and Eunha. They are scheduled to debut in February with a mini album. Furthermore, any alterations in the debut schedule are not announced yet.

Wishing Umji a speedy recovery!

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