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VIVIZ To Become The First-Ever Girl Idol Group To Perform In Grammy’s Global Spin!

VIVIZ to perform for Grammy's Global Spin
VIVIZ to perform for Grammy's Global Spin. cr: Otakukart

VIVIZ is a South Korean idol girl group. Created by BPM Entertainment, VIVIZ consists of former GFriend members,  Eunha, SinB, and Umji. They were able to release their first extended play Beam of Prism in 2022 as well.

VIVIZ is an acronym for “Vivid dayZ,” which combines the elements of “bright, intense, and defined days,” which the agency defines as “the connotation of being artists who always boldly show their unique colors to the world.” Furthermore, the Korean pronunciation “bi-bi-ji” relates to the three members’ names: Eunha (Jung Eun Bi), SinB (Hwang Eun Bi), and Umji.

VIVIZ is a groundbreaking girl group since they will be the first South Korean idol girl group. Owing to their success and popularity, they will also be featured on GRAMMY Awards’ digital series “Global Spin”!

Concept photos, a floral theme, for VIVIZ's EP

Concept photos, a floral theme, for VIVIZ’s EP. cr: BPM Entertainment

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VIVIZ To Perform For Grammy Award’s “Global Spin”

On April 22, 2022, BPM Entertainment released a statement that read that the idol girl group members, Eunha, SinB, and Umji, will be starring in “Global Spin” for Grammy Awards.

The statement read that VIVIZ would be performing their debut song “Bop Bop!” for “Global Spin.” “Global Spin” is an online and virtual platform that allows various artists from all over the world to showcase their national heritage and culture through the help of music, and that is exactly what VIVIZ will be doing as well.

VIVIZ will be among the few Korean artists who have starred on “Global Spin.” Other Korean artists who have starred in this Grammy Awards show include B.I, Seori, and ATEEZ.

The GRAMMYs’ official website will release VIVIZ’s performance on April 26 at 10 a.m. PT, which the production crew at “Global Spin” is alleged to have praised as “so cool, it’s incredible.”

VIVZ for their EP, "Beam of Prism"

VIVZ for their EP, “Beam of Prism” cr: BPM Entertainment

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VIVIZ Attempts To Break Through In The US Music Market

In order to make their major breakthrough in the American music market, VIVIZ has taken all the steps in order to make themselves known in the international music community. One of the first steps that they have taken is by signing with an agency, label, promoter, and publisher. International Korean fans are also looking forward to VIVIZ launching their music for a more American audience as well.

Their music track “Bop Bop!” is already very popular in South Korea. However, in order for VIVIZ to market their music to be more internationally friendly, they have decided to work on and release a remix for their superhit song “Bop Bop!” with DJ Yves V.

Many fans of GFriend were worried that after the group disbanded, they would not have access to any of their music. However, fans were in for a surprise when BPM Entertainment released a statement that former GFriend members, Eunha, SinB, and Umji, would form their own music trio. As VIVIZ has come into a music group of its own, fans and viewers can see the harmony and synergy with which Eunha, SinB, and Umji work together.

Concept photos for VIVIZ's EP

Concept photos for VIVIZ’s EP. cr: BPM Entertainment

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Fans’ Reaction To Beam of Prison Extended Play

The titular (and most popular song of the EP) was “Bop Bop!” Just like its name, the song has an upbeat tone, and its aim was to create a hybrid pop-dance tune that VIVIZ’s fans would have a great time dancing to. “Bop Bop!” also has a funky Latin-inspired rhythm that can be found blaring over the speakers in any club. You can listen to this catchy song here!

“Lemonade” is an R&B song. VIVIZ wanted to create something very nostalgic, so they went to create this song that appealed to both the younger and the slightly older generations since their beat is very reminiscent of the 90s.

New concept photos for VIVIZ's new EP

New concept photos for VIVIZ’s new EP. cr: BPM Entertainment

“Love You Like” was described as a song with a “repetitive chorus” and lyrics about how VIVIZ’s members were grateful to have their fans by their side all the time. Through this song, VIVIZ wanted to convey that despite GFriend breaking up, VIVIZ was there for their fans. While the members have powerful and memorable voices, they have taken a simple but heartfelt approach to the creation of this song. In order to express their gratitude and love for their fans, VIVIZ wanted to create something really special for them. Umji also contributed to the creation of “Love You Like.”

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