Visual Studio 2019: Release Date And Requirements

John Montgomery from Microsoft officially announced that his team at Microsoft is working on Visual Studio 2019; they will begin to make modifications targeting release which will be first available on OpenSource mega platform GitHub including .NET and Roslyn. The next version of this integrated development environment (IDE) will shortly be released, and timing of same will be shared “in the coming months,” with the company simply agreeing “to deliver Visual Studio 2019 Release Date quickly and iteratively.

This is the second big announcement Microsoft made after announcing the accusation of GitHub. Microsoft previously launched Visual Studio 2017 in March 2017 and Visual Studio 2017 for Mac in May of the same year. The company says it became the most famous and successful release ever. Since those initial releases, Microsoft has published several updates, improving Build performance, load performance, and unit test discovery performance.

Visual Studio 2019 Release Date

Visual Studio 2019 Release Date

As the name itself suggest, the release date is set for 2019. Now if you’re thinking which month then considering previous launches of software, it’s safe to say Visual Studio 2019 will release in March 2019, however, keep in mind, nothing on release date is confirmed. Specific features that will be delivered in Visual Studio 2019 were not discussed by the company, rather John lists several themes that the project will address:

Visual Studio 2019 Features

  1. Better navigation (assuming within the IDE)
  2. Expanded code refactorings
  3. Continued focus on performance: faster solution loading and faster build times
  4. Improved debugger / more capabilities
  5. Live Share
  6. Improved Git integration
  7. Use Azure AI for IntelliCode

Fortunately, Visual Studio 2019 is being designed to install side-by-side with existing 2017 version builds; this will be easy for developers to try out new Visual Studio. An important thoughtfulness about Visual Studio 2019 announcement, is that the software still is a 32-bit application and will support Windows 7. Primary developer responses show there remain concerns about the unfinished issues and code attribute problems with previous 2017 version, and they believe its too quick to shift to Visual Studio 2019. Microsft does not offer specifics, but the company did indicate that they are working to improve this with the development team.

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