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Visual Prison Episode 6: Preview, Release Date & Where To Watch?

Visual Prison Episode 6
Visual Prison

Visual Prison Episode 6 reveals Robin Latife joining a vampire idol crew called Oz. Yuki is the one who suggests that, and Robin accepts the offer and receives his vampire mark the same as Yuki. But things go wrong when Robin leaves the house on a Red Moon and face the wolf vampire that Eve the vampire hunter assassinated, and reveals the truth to the boys. Visual Prison reveals the rival between different vampire idols’ crew. From the latest episode of Visual Prison, Robin reveals that he creates an ultimate harmony with Yuki everywhere they go.

In the morning, Guil had a dream playing piano despite leaving his dream as an idol. That was the day Guil’s back mark emerged after his heart skipped a bit. Guil wakes up sweating and realizes that the mark on his back keeps on giving him trouble. He took off his t-shirt, and the red mark on his back shines. Eve, Yuki, and Robin enjoy breakfast, and Guil joins them. They both exchanged greetings, and Yuki wanted to tell Guil something, but Guil thought he should say something. Guil allows Yuki to say something.

Yuki talked about Visual Prison, and Guil reveals that only three will enter, excluding him. Yuki reveals that he is still working on the new song, but he has decided what they will sing. Guil talked about the Scarlet Moon that shines brightness far into autumn. He also reveals that the last day of the month is the primary day of the festivities for the Visual Prison. Yuki is surprised and realizes that he has to speed things up. Guil adds that the last day was the day when the most beautiful song was sung.

Previously on Visual Prison Episode 5

Guild also told Yuki about receiving a blessing from the Scarlet Moon. Robin realizes that day was special for Guil since he always showed his brilliant performance, but he will never do that since he quit singing. No one knows why Guil decided to retire. Guil told Robin and the others that if they need to defeat ECLIPSE and LOST + EDEN, they can go for it will full confidence. Yuki realizes that Oz is the rival of those two vampire idol groups. Guil knows that music is unleashed on stage on that day and excited the crowd.

Visual Prison Episode 6

Visual Prison

Yuki wanted to add something, but Guil told the trio to do something before entering the Visual Prison. Later the trio arrives at the HQ and meets with a member of LOST + EDEN. The lady reveals that she is also the owner of Rougelina, but if someone needs an outfit for Visual Prison, she can accept their request despite being rivals. But she wants Eve to apologize since the two have had grudges for a long time. Eve apologizes after coming out from a hiding spot. The little boy was saved last night by Eve, and the two wonder why they brought Eve the hunter.

The boy was the one who bumped with Robin, and Robin followed him and saved him from the vampire wolf that Eve sent to hell. Robin told the boy not to worry since Eve is a lovely lady and she will never cause harm been though sometimes she might look scary. The LOST + EDEN lady summons her magic and makes the outfit for the trio. Yuki is impressed to see the magic flowing inside the room. She asks what Oz will sing on the day of the festival.

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Visual Prison Episode 6 Release Date

Visual Prison Episode 6 will be released on 13 November 2021. Yuki reveals everything and the color of their costume. Yuki visualizes everything, but Guil was part of it, and he said he wants to go beyond the Sky with everyone, and it has to be the four of them. The Sky blue outfit appears on his hand, and the lady realizes that color chose Yuki. Yuki finished with his new song and sang it in the evening, bringing peace to Guil’s heart. Let’s look at Visual Prison Episode 6 official details and other updates.

Visual Prison Episode 6

Visual Prison

Watch Visual Prison Episode 6 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Visual Prison Episode 6 online on ANIPLUS & Funimation on Friday at 12:00 AM JST. Those failing to access ANIPLUS AND Funimation can watch Visual Prison Episode 6 online on Wakanim (FR), ANIPLUS Asia, & Wakanim (DE). Visual Prison will reveal dub episodes soon. Let’s meet when Visual Prison Episode 6 is released.

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