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Visual Prison Episode 1: Release Date, Spoiler & Recap

Visual Prison Episode 1

Visual Prison Episode 1 will debut this coming weekend as it is broadcast online. Since the beginning of the year, Visual Prison has been trending before releasing as early as October. The anime is now around the corner, with the latest episode airing online this coming weekend. Visual Prison reveals the life of idols and vampires who challenge each other every festival to determine who is the best idol. Ange Yuki is a young man who worked hard to fit around the people in his environment. He was unfortunate since nothing went on his way. Yuki decided to leave the town since he had no relatives or a family to lean on.

He yearns to see the artist he has been looking up to ever since his young age on his journey. Yuki wants to see his favorite artist performing on stage, and he heads to Harajuku. He learns about  “Visual Kei Units; ECLIPSE and LOS + EDEN” and witness the two greats as they perform on the live stage. Yuki got impressed by the rivalry between the two Units as they showed out their best. At a young age, Yuki keeps on listening to different music.

It was not hidden that he loves music, which made him set on a journey to look for a star he admires. Yuki has been longing to see Gil for many years. Gil is the guy that released a first hit song for Eclipe Unit, and Yuki has been listening to his music but never met with Gil in person. Yuki vows that one day he will meet with the idol of his dream. He knows that Gil is not an ordinary person but a Legendary band idol member of ECLIPSE. Gil falls under the First Generation that played an essential role in his Unit.

Visual Prison Summary

Gil had become famous due to his skills and behavior that brings new life into music. He made a massive success in the music industry during his prime time. Everyone couldn’t miss watching him when he performs since he has those sweets words that leave everyone stunned and relive them from their troubles. During his free time and relaxation, he enjoys drinking coffee, which has become a habit, and he usually drinks it all the time, even when it is too hot. But people misunderstood him after things he said during the show, and he is not aware of that.

Visual Prison Episode 1

Visual Prison

He shares the same house as  Eve Louise, and the two befriend each other. Louise knows what Gil is capable of and knows how to cooperate with him. The duo likes to relax together like birds of the same feathers. Louise is gentle and discreet, but Gil thinks it doesn’t matter since it affects their friendship. Robin Laffite is famous for using an Angel Voice. He has been a vocalist since his childhood and is active in the classical music world. Robing is  “Free-spirited Genius Skin.”

Saga Latour, Mist Flaive, Shogo Yano and Veuve Elizabeth joins LOS +EDEN. Every Unit consists of Vampires that gather once a year to reveal the remarkable performance to judge which musical band is the best. That is how Yuki and the story of Vampire idols began, and they continue with their rivalry. This is the rivalry between three musical vampire bands. The vampires compete for the first position while Yuki wants to meet the hero that made him leave his hometown and travel this far. The vampire story continues when the first episode releases this weekend.

Visual Prison Episode 1 Release Date

Visual Prison Episode 1 will be released on 9 October 2021. This anime will reveal the number of the episode that will run for this season soon. But the running time is the same as other animes that run for less than twenty-four minutes. Yuki’s journey continues in the next episode. Let’s look at Visual Prison Episode 1 official details and other recent updates below.

Visual Prison Episode 1

Visual Prison

Watch Visual Prison Episode 1 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Visual Prison Episode 1 online on ANIPLUS & Funimation on Friday at 12:00 AM JST. Those who are not in Japan and other countries like the UK can watch Visual Prison Episode 1 online on ANIPLUS Asia, Wakanim (FR) & Wakanim (DE). Visual Prison will reveal more about the official details after the release of the first episode. It has not been announced about the Dub episodes, but the latest episode will have English subtitles. That means only the Sub episodes are available for now.

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