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Spoilers & Preview: Vincenzo Episode 20

Vincenzo episode 20
A Still from the k-drama Vincenzo

Vincenzo Episode 20 Release Date, I know you all will be anticipating it already. The fantastic and mind-blowing drama is now on the verge of completion. The drama starring Soong Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo-been, and Ok Taec-yeon has successfully captivated the hearts of millions. The currently holds a huge fan following in not just South Korea but the entire world. One reason for that being the show is currently aired on the international streaming site Netflix. Believe it or not but if you are a true k-drama fan and you haven’t yet watched a single episode of Vincenzo then you are definitely missing out on something big. The drama has made everyone its fan and we are attracted to it like a magnet. The 18th episode of the drama saw a sudden rise in the viewership rating and stands at being the highest rating episode till now.

Vincenzo as the name suggests is the story of a guy named Vincenzo Cassano. He is awesome and carries an aura of awesomeness around him.  He used to be an Italian mafia lawyer who came to Korea after the betrayal of his organization and own people. Here in Korea, he had his own treasure hidden in the basement of a building. Huge amount of gold with a file that holds the capability to root out any powerful people from their position. The treasure along with the guillotine file is in many searches and everyone is after them. screenwriter Park Jae-Bum did absolutely amazing work with Vincenzo. After the whole cast was finalized the filing of the drama began from the later part of 2020. Finally, after much wait, Vincenzo Episode 1 was released on 20th February and now the show is on the verge of completion.

Vincenzo Episode 20 Release Date

Vincenzo k-drama episode 20updates

A Still from Vincenzo

Vincenzo Episode 20 is going to release on 2nd May 2021. The drama would have concluded much sooner but due to certain changes made by the production the release of episodes 17 and 18 were pushed back a bit for a week. So, had the drama followed the previous episode schedule it would have concluded a bit sooner. But since the quality of the show is top-notch we didn’t mind the pushing of the release of episodes 17 and 18 by a week. The drama premiered on 20th February 2020 and since then has been entertaining us completely. The drama no doubt made us a fan of the show and is now going off the air with the release of its last episode. Vincenzo aired every Saturday and Sunday on the original network tvN at the 21:00 time slot.

Vincenzo episode 20release date

A Still from k-drama Vincenzo

With the duration of each episode to be approximately 1hr 25mins. After Vincenzo Episode 20 releases on the original network, the episode will be available for fans worldwide on Netflix. The global streaming site, Netflix premiers the show internationally along with subtitles. As the drama is ending today fans are also wishing for a renewal of the show but yet nothing has been announced by the production yet. We genuinely wish for the show to have a second season soon as well. The brilliant casting, good presentation, and amazing script all contributed to the overall success of the show.

The Final Chapter

Vincenzo episode 20 conclusion

The main anatagonist from the drama Vincenzo

Episode 20 of the drama will reveal the final story of the entire drama that we all have been waiting for. What will happen to Hong Cha Young and how Vincenzo plans on taking revenge are the answers we are waiting for. The casting of the drama has been done perfectly. With the directors to the screenwriters and the leads. Be it the protagonist, Song Joong Ki, or the antagonist Ok Taec-yeon all have done their part perfectly. Our main female lead, Jeon Yeo Bin also played her part perfectly. If Vincenzo Cassano is a strong hero then even Jang Jun Woo is a strong villain. This contrast made the story more fun and keen to watch.

The conclusion we all are waiting for will surely be amazing. Just a little more wait and the answers will be in front of us. The episode will air on both tvN and Netflix. So, choose your preferred network and watch the drama where you prefer the most.

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